5 Electrical Bathroom Upgrades To Make Your Life Easier

Typical bathrooms focus more on plumbing than electrical wiring. Instead of dealing with the inconvenience of an ill-equipped bathroom, you can hire an electrician to help implement a number of different upgrades. The following five upgrades can help with the daily use of your bathroom and add some fun elements as well.

Cabinet Outlets

Adding extra outlets to your bathroom will make it easier to use a number of small appliances and devices. There are multiple cabinets and places to set the outlets for a variety of uses.

  • Wall Cabinet Outlet: A wall cabinet outlet can make it easy to charge electric toothbrushes while removing extra clutter from bathroom counters. This is also ideal for small electric razors or buzzers that you need to charge when they're not in use.
  • Cabinet Drawer Outlets: An outlet inside a drawer makes it easy to plug in accessories like hair straighteners, curling irons, or hair dryers. This is also ideal for bathroom appliances that need extended charging.
  • Under Sink Outlets: An outlet strip under the sink makes it easy to reduce clutter and plug in multiple items for your bathroom. This strip can be placed on a higher area under the shelf so you still have room for additional storage under the sink.

Charging Stations

Using devices in the bathroom has become a commonplace. Instead of draining your batteries while on the toilet, you have the opportunity to charge at the same time. Outlets can be installed next to your toilet. This creates an instant charging station while you use the bathroom.

Small shelves or racks can be installed next to the outlets so the devices can be placed on them. Along with traditional outlets, electricians have the ability to install USB ports with the outlets. These ports make it easier to charge modern devices.

Motion Lights

Navigating through a dark bathroom in the middle of the night can create dangerous situations. Instead of fumbling around for a light switch, an electrician can help install motion detectors at the entrance of your bathroom.

The motion detector can be used to trigger a smaller light used for the night. This allows you to have just enough light without overwhelming your senses with additional bright lights. An ideal light position would be a small light over the bathroom sink or above the toilet.

Exhaust Fans

A bathroom exhaust fan helps eliminate humid air, reduce odors, and stops water vapor from appearing on mirrors and walls. Along with a regular exhaust fan, an electrician can install a bigger fan or additional exhaust fans.

A new exhaust fan installed above your bathroom sink and mirrors can help remove excess water vapor. This will help prevent windows from fogging up every time you shower. Wiring for the fans can be run to a switches that make it easy to access.

Bathroom Mood Lighting

Depending on the set ups that you have, showers can be pretty dark. The installation of mood lighting in your shower can create good visuals and make it easier to see while you bathe.

Electricians have the ability to install all types of lights for a shower. This includes overhead lights, colored lights on the side of a shower, and hanging adjustable lights. The lights that are installed use waterproof casing much like lights installed in a swimming pool.

Along with the shower lighting, lights can be wired and installed in a bathtub. This can create a unique look to the water. Lights can also be installed above the tub for different types of mood lighting.

Communicate with your electrician to determine the best upgrades needed for your bathroom. During a consultation, an electrician can examine your current bathroom to see how many changes will be needed for the bathroom upgrades.