Removing the Chill: 4 Rooms Ideal for Baseboard Heating

As you walk through your home, it may be easy to notice that one room is a lot warmer than another. The varying temperatures can make it very uncomfortable to go from room to room, especially during the winter months. If you want your whole home to feel cozy and comfortable, then you have the option of installing electric baseboard heaters. These heaters work on their own so you do not need to configure or upgrade your current heating system. By adding these systems in key locations, you can remove the chilly air and have a lot more added comfort in the home. Learn about four different areas that are prone to chilliness and the benefits of installing baseboard heat installations in these locations.

Walk-In Closets

Having the advantage of a walk-in closet gives you plenty of save to organize clothes, get dressed, and be ready for the day. Without any heating vents or windows to take in sunlight, these closets can create a chilly area for your home.

There are multiple advantages to adding a compact baseboard heating system into a walk-in closet. Your clothes will not feel cold to the touch when putting them on. As you change clothes or walk in barefoot, your body will not experience the same chills that can occur if there was no heat in the area. It will make it extremely comfortable to fold laundry, hang it up, and prevent cold air from going out of the closet and into the bedroom area.

Mud Rooms/Laundry Rooms

A number of homes feature a back entrance that acts as both a mud room and laundry room. During the day, children coming in and out of the home can create a large draft that adds cold air in the room. Dryer vents connected to the outside can also let cold air into the home. When this occurs, you are letting the cold air seep into other rooms like the kitchen or living room.

Add instant warmth and comfort the minute you step into your home by adding a baseboard heater inside of this room. As you or children come into the room to take off boots and coats, you can be comforted by heat instead of still feeling cold. Heating this area is also ideal for laundry tasks like sorting clothes, folding clothes, and starting new loads of laundry.

Garage Work Areas

If you enjoy working in the garage, then you do not need to limit yourself during the winter months. The garage can be used all year long with the installation of a baseboard heater. These heaters can be placed near workbenches in the back of the garage to give you optimal heating options. The large size of garage doors can create major cold air issues during the winter months.

Instead of struggling to work in the cold, a few minutes of turning the heater on can make a huge difference. Electricians can chose the best location to install these heaters so that they run with the most efficiency in the garage and provide you with the most heat possible.

Front Foyer

The entryway to your home may include a mail slot, multiple windows, and an open concept that allows cold air to easily flow around. Even if you try to repair the door and prevent air leaks, cold air can still take up this part of the home if it not properly heated. When you are guests enter the home, it can be done with warmth and comfort by installing a baseboard heater.

It's nice to have the extra heat so that cold air will not penetrate through the rest of the home. If you have a coat rack near the front of the door, it will be very comfortable to hang up your coat and still be warm inside the front area of your home. If you have a second floor, the heat can also rise up to provide some extra warmth on the staircase.

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