Three Reasons You Really Need To Replace That Outdated Electrical Panel

Outdated electrical panels are problematic for a number of reasons. You've probably heard that fuse boxes are obsolete and unsafe but, in fact, both fuse boxes and circuit breaker boxes can become obsolete, old, and dangerous. Here are three reasons why it's time to replace your electrical panel if you realize that it's old and outdated or if your electrician tells you that you should probably replace it (hint: they're not just saying that because they want more work to do).

1. Electrical capacity

If you have an electrical panel from a few decades ago, it probably doesn't have nearly the electrical capacity that a modern home tends to require. So even if it's survived this long without being a major hindrance to you, that probably won't continue very long into the future so you may as well get it replaced now. Even if you aren't the sort of person who spends a lot of time connected to the Internet, the simple basic appliances that we use every day tend to have higher energy requirements than they did several decades ago. Plus there are more of them. Electric can openers, electric pianos, electric milk frothers, and so on all take up their share of the power, and you may not realize it but your appliances do use power even when they're switched off.

2. Electrical fire hazard

In addition to increased capacity for more electrical power, newer electrical panels also come with updated safety measures. So if you have an older electrical panel, yours may be more susceptible to the types of failures that can cause electrical fires that a new one would be. In this situation, it's critical to ensure your own safety and your family's safety by upgrading at once. In fact, electrical codes get updated frequently to ensure maximum safety, and you'll have to consult with your electrician to discover if there have been any significant updates pertaining to electrical panels since the time yours was installed.

3. Defective models

Not all old fuse boxes and circuit breakers have the exact same level of electrical hazard. Some are much more dangerous than others because they have known defects that cause them to be more likely to fail catastrophically. If you have one of these models, it's even more crucial that you get a safer electrical panel installed ASAP. It's a good idea to ask your electrician if your model is one that's known for defects and failures.  

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