Is Your Electric Gate Not Opening? Common Problems You Should Check Before You Call In A Gate Repair Specialist

If you own an electric gate, you may be used to pressing a button on the transmitter and having your gate swing or slide open. However, if you press the button and nothing happens, there may be a problem with your gate. There are many reasons why a gate may not open or close when it should. Some are simple to fix, while others are more complex and require the assistance of an electrician or an electric gate repair specialist. Here are a few common issues that would cause your electric gate not to open and close that you should check on your own before calling in a professional:

The Batteries in the Transmitter

If you go to click open your gate and it does not open, the issue may be something as small as the batteries in your transmitter being dead. However, once your gate fails to open, your mind may instantly jump to the worst case scenario. Prior to jumping too far ahead, take the time to take the batteries out of your transmitter and replace them with new ones. If this does not fail to fix the problem, try to open the gate using your keypad or open and shut button. If the gate opens using this, but not with the transmitter, it may be time to replace it. 

Whether The Gate Has Power

One of the benefits to an electric gate is that you are not manually pushing or swinging it open. On the flip side, one of the downsides is that if the power is out to the gate, the gate may not open. Many electric gates have a power button, light, or sensor that lets you know if the gate is receiving power. Check this before you call a repair company. If the gate does not have power, check power in your home. There may be a wide spread power outage. If your home has power but your gate does not, check your fuse box, as you may have blown a fuse or popped a circuit. 

If Something is Blocking the Motion Sensors

Lastly, most electric gates have motion sensors on them that may prevent a sliding gate from closing if it senses it may squish something or a swinging gate from opening if it senses it may hit something. Occasionally, something small, like a leaf or piece of trash can block the sensor and cause the gate to not open. If you do not see anything blocking the sensor, use a dampened cloth to wipe the sensor or a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean it. This removes any dirt or dust that may be causing the sensor to not work properly. 

If you have attempted these fixes and your gate still is not opening or closing, you may have a faulty or broken wire, the motor on your gate may be damaged or your sensors may not be at the end of their life. A professional who specializes in electric gate repair can help to determine what the problem is and then solve it, so your gate opens and shuts as it should. 

Contact local gate repair services for more information and assistance.