How Installing Ceiling Fans Benefits Your Restaurant

If the customers in your restaurant have frequent complaints of being too hot or too cold, you should look into having ceiling fans installed. These fans have many benefits for restaurants and they help keep your customers more comfortable all seasons of the year. Here are a few ways you might find ceiling fans useful and some tips for installing them.

How Ceiling Fans Can Benefit Your Restaurant

One big problem in a restaurant is the formation of hot and cool pockets of air due to various factors. Guests near a vent get too cold while those near a window may be too hot. Plus, heat from the kitchen can infiltrate the dining space. Ceiling fans solve this problem by mixing up the air in your building. Rather than having pockets of different temperatures, the temperature will be more consistent throughout the whole space. This action makes your guest more comfortable and it can help save on your energy bills too.

In the summer, the breeze from an overhead fan makes your customers feel cooler even though the air conditioner is set higher than usual. This effect is especially appreciated in your outdoor dining areas where there is no air conditioning. In the winter, the fans push warm air that rises to the ceiling back down to the floor to keep your customers warm. This means you can lower your thermostat and save on energy costs.

How To Install Ceiling Fans In Your Restaurant

Putting fans in your restaurant takes some consideration. Talk to a commercial electrician about the best way to do it. Being able to control the fans with a wall switch is the best option so you won't have to pull cords that may be difficult to reach. When your ceiling fans have their own on and off switch, you can install a fan speed controller that lets you adjust the speed as well. You can even have smart fans installed that can be adjusted remotely. Another thing to discuss with your electrician is the size and positioning of the fans. If you have a fairly small building, a single large fan might be all you need. However, a row of fans can add a touch of décor if you buy fans with blades that fit the theme of your restaurant.

Having ceiling fans installed could be a good decision because you want your customers to be comfortable so they return to your restaurant. Plus, your staff will be more comfortable as well, and you might even enjoy savings on your power bill. Contact a commercial electrician for help.