More Than Just Lights: Why Your Commercial Electrician Is Your Best Friend In Business

A commercial electrician is often in charge of setting up all of the electricity in an office building or retail location. He or she is also in charge of making repairs on these same buildings. Yet, it is not just lights for which an electrician of this type is responsible. In fact, this type of electrician does so much more for your business that he/she really should be considered more of a best friend and business partner. Here is why. 

Security Systems

You cannot operate a single CCTV security camera, security system alarm, or security defense mechanism without electricity. Guess who takes care of that system for you? Yes, your commercial electrician does! He/she will patch the system into your electrical boxes, make sure every device and every monitor is working, and check the alarms (both silent and loud) to make sure they are working, too. Ergo, the electrician ensures that your entire commercial building (regardless of the type of business you run) is fully secure against thieves and intruders. 

Communications Systems and Loudspeakers

Two more systems in business that you cannot live without and that you desperately need electricity for are your communications systems and loudspeakers. The communications systems make sure that everyone working for you can speak to others and speak to managers or supervisors on duty. The loudspeakers make announcements to all customers and employees and send out company-wide alerts of importance (e.g., Code Adam for missing child, Code Blue for heart attack victims, etc.). None of that would be possible without the effective management of your electrical system's installation and maintenance by the electrician. 

All Electronics

Most business owners do not realize just how much of their business relies heavily on electricity until there is a blackout or a shortage of power. Every last computer, laptop, tablet, phone, cash register, electric plug-in calculator, coffeemaker, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc., needs electricity. When none of these things work, your business does not run or operate as you are accustomed to running it. If the problem is not city-wide or neighborhood-wide, and it is just your commercial location, the commercial electrician can be called in to find the problem, fix it, and restore power within the course of about an hour or two. If the problem is more widespread than just your building, be sure to alert the power company who supplies your electricity so that they can fix it.