Installing Under-The-Cabinet Lighting: What You Should Know

Under-cabinet lighting is a nice addition to have in your kitchen. It's a great ambient light to have when you don't want to have a lot of light in your kitchen, and it can add lighting when you need just a little extra lighting when you're cooking or entertaining. The area beneath your counters can be darkened by your cabinets, especially when they're a bit lower. If you are considering under-cabinet lighting for your kitchen, there are a few things you should know before you install this lighting. Read on for more information.

Hard-Wire Your Lighting

You should have your under-cabinet lighting hard-wired into your kitchen. Don't just install puck lights that stick on and are battery-powered. These lights aren't going to be as strong, and those sticky-backed lights are going to fall off in no time at all. You'll be sticking them back in place over and over again, not to mention you'll have to turn each one of them on and off again by hand. Having your lights hard-wired in will allow you to use a light switch to turn your lights on and off all at the same time. It's also going to add value to your home if you have them hard-wired in.

Distance The Lights Appropriately

Be sure you allow enough distance between your lights beneath the cabinet and don't allow too much space. If you space them too far away, they aren't going to give you enough lighting. If you space them too closely, they're going to give you too much lighting. You want to space them out just right. Be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions to see how far they need to be spaced apart. 

Hire A Professional

Be sure to hire a professional to have your lights installed for you. If you aren't sure how to install electrical wiring, you need to leave it to a professional to do this work for you. If you don't install them correctly, you could end up starting an electrical fire if you aren't careful. 

If you are considering installing under the cabinet lighting in your kitchen, you should be sure to hire a professional to have your lights installed for you. Call an electrician today to have your lighting installed for you. An electrician has the know-how to install this lighting correctly.

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