Does Your Newly Purchased Home Need New Wiring?

Buying a new home is certainly exciting. You probably have grand plans for how you are going to take that house and make it your own. The downside is that purchasing a home, particularly one that is a decade or more old can come with issues that will quickly eat into your renovation budget. Be on the look out for these electrical issues that you will have to address quickly to ensure that your new home is safe and comfortable. [Read More]

Electrical Grounding: What You Need To Know

When it comes to home maintenance, there is one primary thing you should be concerned with: safety. Safety, more than polished aesthetics or proper plumbing or having a nice looking lawn, is the first thing you should think of before you go about any sort of house renovation. One of the biggest safety mishaps is not ensuring your electrical work is properly grounded. This is not an entirely difficult task, although some tend to believe this is the case. [Read More]

2 Ways to Fend Off Dangerous Hidden Arc Faults

When it comes to electrical safety, you might focus on covering your outlets with plastic protectors and keeping your hair dryer away from the bathtub. However, hidden arc faults, which occur when the protective insulation around electrical wiring is damaged, can flash and create dangerous sparks. Fortunately, you might be able to fend off dangerous arc faults by doing these two things. 1: Decorate Carefully When you get the itch to redecorate a room, you might spend your days and nights thinking about where to put furniture, arrange that picture collage, or mount that television. [Read More]

5 Electrical Bathroom Upgrades To Make Your Life Easier

Typical bathrooms focus more on plumbing than electrical wiring. Instead of dealing with the inconvenience of an ill-equipped bathroom, you can hire an electrician to help implement a number of different upgrades. The following five upgrades can help with the daily use of your bathroom and add some fun elements as well. Cabinet Outlets Adding extra outlets to your bathroom will make it easier to use a number of small appliances and devices. [Read More]