More Than Just Lights: Why Your Commercial Electrician Is Your Best Friend In Business

A commercial electrician is often in charge of setting up all of the electricity in an office building or retail location. He or she is also in charge of making repairs on these same buildings. Yet, it is not just lights for which an electrician of this type is responsible. In fact, this type of electrician does so much more for your business that he/she really should be considered more of a best friend and business partner. [Read More]

Conduit and Cables: 2 Must-Haves for Commercial Electricians

The electrical needs of a commercial space can vary significantly from the electrical needs of residential buildings. Construction design differences between commercial and residential structures can limit the way that an electrical system is installed in a commercial setting. Many commercial buildings are framed using metal components instead of wood. This can pose a challenge when it comes to running wiring throughout the space. Electricians must rely on some unique products to ensure that a commercial building has access to safe and reliable electricity over time. [Read More]